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Dual Colour Thick Ankle-length Socks Combo For Kids (6-9 Years)

Dual Colour Thick Ankle-length Socks Combo For Kids (6-9 Years)

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The Dual Colour Thick Ankle-length Socks Combo for Kids (6-9 Years) offers extra warmth and comfort with a stylish dual-color design. Made from thick, soft fabric, these socks ensure cozy feet for active children throughout the day.

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Comfortable All-Day Wear: Made from 100% cotton, our ankle-length socks ensure breathability and comfort, ideal for active kids aged 6-9 years.

Enhanced Support and Stability: The socks feature a thick base that offers cushioning and support, providing stability during various activities.

Convenient Design Features: Stretchy fabric allows for a flexible fit, while pull tabs facilitate easy on and off. Ribbed cuffs ensure the socks stay in place without slipping or bunching.

Vibrant Dual-Color Design: Add flair to everyday outfits with our dual-color combinations, offering a playful yet stylish touch for kids.

Value Pack: Each combo includes 3 pairs of ankle-length socks, providing both variety and durability for your child's wardrobe.

Country Of Origin : India

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Comfort: The thick base provides extra cushioning, making the socks comfortable for all-day wear, especially during active play or sports.

Durability: The reinforced, thick base ensures the socks last longer, even with frequent use and washing.

Improved Support: The added thickness offers better support for growing feet, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Stylish Design: The dual-color design adds a fun, stylish element to the socks, making them appealing to kids.

Protection: Extra padding in the base helps protect against blisters and abrasions, keeping kids' feet safe during physical activities.


Size: 6-9 Years

Material: Cotton + Terry

Dual Color

How to Use ?

Select the Right Size: Ensure the socks fit your child's feet comfortably. Check the size guide if necessary.

Putting Them On: Have your child sit down, then slide the socks over their toes and pull them up to the ankle. Adjust the heel and toe areas to fit snugly.

Daily Wear: Use these socks for everyday activities, including school, sports, and playtime. The thick base makes them ideal for high-impact activities.

Pair with Appropriate Footwear: These socks work well with sneakers, sports shoes, and casual shoes, providing additional comfort and support.

Regular Cleaning: Wash the socks regularly with mild detergent and tumble dry on low or air dry to maintain their shape and cushioning.

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